Making your own Tinctures at Home

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Making your own Tinctures at home

By Kara Sigler

Making your own medicine at home is a fun self-empowering, as well as revolutionary process. By going to the plants for answers and ourselves for our own healing, we take back the power to heal ourselves and the mother earth, and thus the collective whole. The following is a quick and dirty (dirt is great!) explanation of how to make a Folk Tincture in your own kitchen.  Happy healing!

Explanation of Terms:

A Tincture is an alcohol or water/alcohol extract of a plant. Most phytochemicals (plant constituents) are Continue reading

Herbal Support for Surgery- Class handout




Herbs help the body heal faster, minimize scaring, maximize sensation, and lessen nerve damage to surgically altered bodies. Lay out a timeline for when to begin preparing for optimal healing post-surgically. We will discuss herb and drug interactions, including hormones and anesthesia. This class is also geared toward western practitioners who want an integrative model to give their clients more.

SURGERY- is a major stress on the whole person

• nervous system toxicity due to anesthesia drugs

• liver stress due to drugs

• adrenal stress

• gastrointestinal tract- slows due to drugs, physical trauma, antibiotic dysbiosis

• physical trauma to nerves, muscles, blood vessels, skin

• risk of infection and hematoma

• emotional stress- anxiety and loss of body part- unknown outcome


Start herbal regime up to 1 month before surgery

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Trans Health Issues- Article by Kate Walsham

Viewpoint: Amend ACA to Address Transgender Health Issues

By Kate Walsham 

The Recorder

March 8, 2013

Transgender individuals face rampant discrimination in nearly every aspect of their lives. One of the most dangerous areas of discrimination is being denied access to health care.

As currently written, the Americans with Disabilities Act explicitly excludes transsexualism as a disability, thus allowing discrimination on this basis in public and private insurance. However, health care providers recognize Gender Identity Disorder, or GID, as a medical condition.

Both public and private insurance providers routinely classify transgender status as a pre-existing condition exempt from treatment, or classify gender-confirming treatments as cosmetic or elective because they seek to change anatomy that is consider normal and functional, ignoring the reality that these procedures treat a medically recognized, treatable condition. “Gender-confirming care” refers to any procedure that helps Continue reading

Greetings from the Woods!

Kara in Lakes Basin

Greetings from the Ohlone Center!

Greetings from the Woods!

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