Herbs for Trans*gender folx

This herb handout is intended to be useful for trans* folx, gender variant folx, and providers alike. The handout, 2 images, and Audio Recording go together. The TransNatural Short Handout is repeated content from the longer TransNatural for Professionals AHG Symposium webinar that I gave in 2016, and which handout follows this one. This “short” version is also better organized and more accessible. Enjoy!

TranNatural short handout 10.6.16

Endocrine Gland Interactions

Sex Hormone Cascade

TransNatural for Professionals AHG Symposium 2015

This is the handout of Notes and Resources from my lecture at the American Herbalist Guild Symposium in GA, November 2015.

The Webinar (lecture and powerpoint slides) that I gave on July 19, 2016, can be accessed on the AHG website.

TransNatural Workshop

“You cannot forget if you would those golden kisses all over the cheeks of the meadow, queerly called dandelions”

– Henry Ward Beecher (1887), Star Papers

TransNatural, is a class to support the trans body and spirit with herbs and nutrition, as well as diversity training for using inclusive, non-judgemental, respectful language and intake forms as healthcare providers for trans-bodied people.

The class will explore hormone maintenance with natural remedies, what can be achieved using herbs instead of pharmaceuticals for gender modification, and/or using herbs to mitigate side effects of synthetic hormones.

TransNatural will help herbalists and other health professionals understand

  • the socio-political- economic lack of access to medical care for trans-bodied people
  • why trans-bodied people don’t seek out medical care and what you can do as a health professional to provide safe access
  • how offering respectful language can go a long way to help individuals feel heard, honored, and allow them access to health care
  • how to change intake forms and phrase reproductive health questions to be inclusive of diverse genders and bodies
  • the hormonal and physical shifts that can be expected via pharmaceutical vs. herbal protocols
  • herbal support for trans people on pharmaceutical hormones for mitigating side effects
  • the language of respect for working with non-binary and untraditionally gendered bodies

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Holistic Health for Transgender & Gender Variant Folks

Holistic Health for Transgender & Gender Variant Folks

Dori Midnight



This paper will cover basic herbal and nutritional support for transgender and gendervariant folks specifically on the transmasculine spectrum. Historically, transpeoples’ access to health care is limited for multiple reasons and information regarding the long term side effects of hormone therapy is Continue reading